With Pak support, al-Qaeda recruiting Taliban leaders disaffected by peace deal

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Due to the peace agreement between the Taliban and the US in Doha where the US had agreed to completely withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. However, Pakistan has taken advantage of this opportunity to help terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan. According to media reports, Al-Qaeda with the support of Pakistan has begun recruiting Taliban fighters who disagree with the recently signed US-Taliban deal.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is contacting those Taliban fighters who are not happy with the US-Taliban agreement. As per Afghanistan Media, local officials of Kunar provincial council members stated that besides Al-Qaeda many other terrorist organizations are active in some part of the province.

Afghanistan Based media organization Tolo News has quoted Governor of Kunar provincial Abdul Sattar Mirzakul as saying ‘’Based on our information, Pak intelligence and Al-Qaeda have begun efforts to attract Taliban fighters and Commanders.’’

Al-Qaeda’s has released a statement celebrating the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan after the United States agreed to withdraw from Afghanistan soil. The statement states that the bond between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is historic and unbreakable and would not be affected by fake deals with the Jews and Christians. Infidels will be forced to leave all Islamic land soon.

The ISI will leave no stone unturned to end India’s influence with the help of terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan. If seen, ISI is funding many terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISKP in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

‘’US-Taliban agreement is based on a fundamental flaw that Pakistan Army will not destabilize Afghanistan. Pak is well prepared to make Afghanistan its colony again. It is busy eliminating Taliban leaders having independent thinking at ground level through other outfits like ISKP, which has been funded and armed by ISI.’’ said an officer working in Indian Security establishment.

ISI has significant influence inside Afghanistan through its proxies. Pashtun and Baloch activists together have launched a unique campaign against atrocities by Pakistan Army coinciding with 43rd UNHRC Session in Geneva. Following PTM Leader Manzoor Pashteen’s arrest in Pakistan, there have been huge protests in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe and US by Pashtuns forcing Pakistan to release him, and the momentum is continuing unabated.

Pakistan will continue efforts to increase its dominance in Afghanistan as soon as American troops leave.