Uyghur rights group applauds US’ atrocity determination of Chinese genocide

A man holds Uyghur flags at a rally during China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit in Berlin, Germany September 1, 2020. REUTERS/Michele Tantussi - RC2JPI9TVXH2
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Campaign For Uyghurs (CFU), a US-based rights group on Tuesday applauded the outgoing Donald Trump administration’s reiteration that China has committed genocide against Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang.

The Washington based organisation said that this step will complement previous statements by the incoming President US Biden’s campaign which also declared the Chinese State’s actions to be genocide, and will allow it to continue with strong action, as well as provide a valuable push for other international actors to follow suit.

“This declaration doesn’t immediately change anything, but as any victim will tell you, having the eyes of the world community see us, and acknowledge that our horror is real, means everything,” CFU Executive Director Rushan Abbas stated in a release on Tuesday (local time).

“While the Chinese regime spends its energies attempting to silence all criticism of it’s barbarism, there are those in the world who are fighting the good fight. The truth will triumph, and the Chinese leaders know this. They are trembling. The longer they refuse transparency and do not answer for their crimes, the more guilt they heap upon themselves. We see these barbaric animals for what they are: servants of evil,” Abbas said.

The CFU Executive director detailed her sister’s 20-year prison sentence on false charges to state that it “is clearly linked to this genocidal intent by the Chinese regime.

“She, and all Uyghurs, deserves justice,” Abbas added.

CFU demanded that the Chinese regime must be held accountable for its infliction of terror and brutalities against an entire ethnic group, read the release.