Tibetans’ bike rally arrives in Dharamshala demanding boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

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Tibetans, who organised a bike rally to protest against Beijing Winter Olympics, has arrived here on Saturday amid heavy rains and severe cold.

14 Tibetan youth activists with seven bikes are taking part in this rally which was started from Bangalore.
Earlier, on December 10, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC), Delhi kicked off its cross country bike rally from Bangalore to Delhi to boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics boycott on human rights violations.

“We have been going on a bike rally starting from December 10, 2021 which started from Bangalore and we are ending it in Delhi. We are covering ten different states and 40 different places with one message that is loud and clear. We want the Indian government, not only the Indian government but the entire world, to boycott this Beijing winter Olympics,” said the organizer of the bike rally, Tenzin, general secretary of regional Tibetan youth congress Delhi.
Tenzin termed the Beijing winter Olympics a “genocide game”.
“It’s not just Olympic Games, it’s genocide games. What’s happening in Tibet, what’s happening to Uyghurs, it’s beyond imagination so we request Indian government and Prime Minister Narender Modi ji to boycott this Beijing Olympics and do what is right,” Tenzin added.
Sonam Tsering, Tibetan Youth Congress secretary said, “Olympic games is a game of glory and opportunity for the sportsman to share the love spirit and peace but this time it is being hosted by Beijing by the China Communist Party’s (CCP) which is responsible for the death of millions of Tibetans and other countries.”
Tsering continued saying that Beijing is responsible for the continued gross human rights violations in Tibet so to protest against this gross violation of human rights in Tibet they have organized this campaign and today after thirty days they have reached here McLeod Ganj and we have many Tibetans and representatives from NGOs receiving here and we welcome them over here and we wish that message will be heard by the world very loud and clear.” (ANI)

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