‘Termite’ ISI agents destroying Afghan system: Ex-Afghan Intel Chief

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Terming the agents of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) as “termites”, former Afghan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil has said that the employees of intelligence agencies of the regional countries are being employed in the government institutions, which pose serious threats to Afghanistan.
“There are termites which are destroying the system. The ISI (Pakistani military intelligence) agents in the system must be confronted,” said Nabil.
The former Afghanistan intelligence chief is of the opinion that people within the country and the region are exploiting the process for their political and economic agendas.
He expressed discontent that other countries are making the decision about peace in Afghanistan. “Now we see that our peace has also become a proxy one in the sense that the Afghan people do not have any sort of involvement in the process,” said Nabil.
“The Soviets departed, they left us war and Afghan-killing. Now it’s the same program. The Americans came for counter-terrorism. They are withdrawing, but leaving the war and the Afghan-killing to us,” he added.