Spanish police apprehend 2 people for smuggling dual-use equipment to Pakistani military companies

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Madrid [Spain], July 7 (ANI): Spanish Police have apprehended two persons on charges of smuggling dual-use equipment and technology to Pakistani military companies, sources reported.

According to sources, the technology being smuggled could be used for Missile Guidance systems.

“The Spanish Police has apprehended two unidentified persons on July 1 from Alicante, South East of Spain. The two were convicted of smuggling dual-use equipment and technology to the Pakistani military companies,” the sources said.

The individuals were operating a company from three industrial warehouses in Alicante which specialised in the export of autonomous navigation technologies for UAVs. Much of their business dealings could be traced back to Pakistan.

The police said that the technologies could be extensively used for Missile Tech Development Programs and was being exported without requisite export licenses from the Spanish authorities.

The company has received an estimated sum of Euro 4 million for the export.

According to sources, the Spanish authorities have taken serious note of the issue as export of dual-use items that have both civil and military use to ‘sensitive’ countries go through a strict export control regulation.

The European Legislation also follows a strict export control to prevent the acquisition of such material by countries like Pakistan. (ANI)