Protest Programme by Hindu organizations of Bangladesh against the recent remarks of Nepalese Prime Minister on Shri Ram and his birthplace.

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Hindu community of Bangladesh have strongly reacted to the recent remarks of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli that “Ram, one of the incarnations of the Hindus, was the prince of Nepal and Ayodhya was located in Nepal.” Various protest programme have been organized by different Hindu organisations criticizing the Prime Minister of Nepal for distorting history and mixing religion with politics.

2. Today on July 18, Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, organized a human-chain cum protest programme at 10:00 hours in front of the National Press Club, Dhaka. Speaking on the occasion, members of the alliance said that such a statement by the Prime Minister of Nepal is not only a denial of the archeological evidence of Sri Ram Chandra’s birthplace, but also a historical fact and has hurt the faith of millions of people around the world. Further, such a controversial statement by the Prime Minister of Nepal is not only motivated by geopolitical vested interests, but also by the nefarious conspiracy to destroy
the culture, tradition, and faith of the entire Hindu community. Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance while strongly protesting the statement of PM of Nepal called for his unconditional apology.

3. Later, Hindu Dharma Suraksha Parishad, a separate Hindu organisation carried out protest demonstration and human-chain programme on the same issue at around 11:00 hours near the National Press Club, Dhaka. The program was presided over by Swami Sangitananda Maharaj (Pranab Math, Dhaka), convener of the organization. Eminent singer and voice Muktijoddha Shri Manoranjan Ghosal, coordinator of URI Bangladesh, Dr. Mohammad Abdul Hi, Prof. Dhirendranath Biswas (President , Bangladesh Hindu Samaj Sanskar Samity), Vice President of central executive committee of Bangladesh Minority Janata Party and other important persons from Hindu community were present in the program. Speaking on the occasion, eminent personalities said that Nepal is a Hindu Nation and their culture and customs are influenced by the Hindu religion since long. However, all of sudden Nepal’s Prime Minister comments against India and later dragging the birth place of Lord Rama i,e Ayodhya into controversy has sown seeds of distrust in the minds of Hindus against the PM of Nepal. The speakers added that Nepal PM did not have the courage to make such statements on his own and suspected that there must be instigation by some invisible Major Power behind his actions.

4. The protestors were seen holding banners and posters criticizing the Nepal Prime Minister for mixing religion with politics for his personal interests; Nepal PM mentally unbalanced; Communist Oli wants to be a religious minded person and Dragon behind Oli; Long live India-Bangladesh Friendship. More than a hundred people participated in the program today.

5. The controversy has arisen because on 13 July 2020, the Prime Minister of Nepal during a program at his residence on the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti, claimed that Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Shri Rama, is not situated in India but actually it is in Thori, a place located to the west of Birganj, Nepal. Oli further said that Valmiki Ashram was also located in Nepal and Lord Rama was not an Indian and Ayodhya is situated in Nepal. In other words, Oli made Ayodhya a place of faith and belief of millions of Hindus around the world, a controversial subject.

6. Earlier on July 17, another Hindu organization, Jagrato Hindu Samaj activists had carried out a human chain program at the National Press Club, Dhaka to protest against Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli’s controversial statement on Lord Rama and his birthplace Ayodhya.