Police atrocities on rise in PoK amid Covid-19 lockdown

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Policemen in Muzaffarabad city of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) brutally attacked an e-rickshaw owner and his female family members while they were going for a medical check-up.
The government has imposed lockdown in the region amid Covid-19 outbreak and poor people are even not allowed to go for a medical check-up.
The e-rickshaw owner, who got injured in the attack narrated the incident. He said, “We were going to the hospital. There was no other conveyance available other than the rickshaw. We had crossed two check-posts and showed documents to policemen. When we reached near our destination, no policemen were there. They were hidden somewhere and suddenly attacked us with sticks”.
“Our rickshaw fell in the drain. We were three family members. My wife and sister-in-law were with me. Rickshaw got badly damaged and we all got injured. Local people saved us,” he said.
His wife said, “l need a monthly medical check-up, but I was at home for the past two months due to lockdown. I convinced my husband to arrange a vehicle and take me for medical checkup. We failed to arrange any vehicle and decided to take our own rickshaw. I thought that our police will help us, but today I have seen the real face of police”.
The lady with a bandage on her forehead added, “Policemen hit my husband on his hands and he lost control of the rickshaw. They attacked us as if we were thieves and dacoits. It is like we are not residents of this region. We are jobless for the last three months and now we are not even allowed to go for health check-up”.
She added, “They tried to kill us, but we are safe by the grace of God. I only demand that our rickshaw should be repaired”.
Pakistan occupied Kashmir has registered only 148 Covid-19 cases. The region lacks proper Corona testing facilities and expert medical staff to fight against the pandemic.
The people in the region are facing lockdown for the past two months and are obfuscated due to restrictions on movement and business activities.