PM Launches Rs 1 Trillion Agri-Infra Fund To Millions Of Farmers

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To improve farm gate prices and grower incomes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched an Rs.1 trillion agriculture infrastructure fund to give a leg up to post-harvest management and marketing of agricultural produce.

The Agriculture Infrastructure Fund for agri-entrepreneurs, agri-tech players, startups, and farmer groups for post-harvest administration and feeding farm assets on this weekend.

The scheme will provide better warehousing and cold storage facilities for farmers, Modi said, adding that it will also help create new jobs as food processing and post-harvest facilities are set up in rural India.

The fund was launched with Rs.1, 128 crores of new loans disbursed to over 2,200 cooperative societies. The prime minister also transferred Rs.17, 100 crores to farmers under the PM-Kisan direct income assistance scheme.

The new Agriculture Infrastructure Fund was launched by digital video conferencing along with the Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and other senior ministry administrators were also present at the event.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweets reveal about the Aatma Nirbhar Krishi strategy.

“We have small farmers at the core of all the schemes related to farmers, as many improvements are being made. Small farmers are also being linked to the empowerment of agriculture in the country, and it should also be strengthened. Now we are moving towards a situation where food-based products from the village’s agricultural industries will go to the city, and other industrial goods from the cities will reach the village.
This is the resolve of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat campaign, for which we all have to work. Today the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund has been launched that will empower farmers to create modern storage facilities in villages even at their level. As part of the self-reliant India campaign, a significant plan has been chalked out to bring the famous products of every district to the market of the country and the world. Waste of produce had been a significant problem in our farming after harvest.
To deal with this, legal hurdles are being removed on the one hand, and farmers are being given direct help on the other side. Now, solutions are being explored for all the questions related to farmers and farming under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat campaign. Today farmers have many opportunities. A special fund of one lakh crore rupees has been launched to develop agricultural facilities in the nation. This will help in creating modern cold storage chains in every village. At the same time, many employment opportunities will also be ready. #AatmaNirbharKrishi”