Pastor, his family attacked in Pakistan’s Punjab

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Apastor and his family were brutally beaten and forced to leave the area in Rahim Yar Khan city of Pakistan’s Punjab province on Saturday.
According to the sources, pastor Haroon Sadiq Cheeda, his wife and young son were attacked by some armed extremist Muslims. They were later forced to leave the area in blood-stained clothes.
It is reported that the attackers were carrying weapons.
The incident was reported to the local police, but sources said that ASI Basharat Dhilon and the rest of the police force backed the attackers and supported them.
Such incidents are frequent all across Pakistan which reflects that minorities in Imran Khan’s so-called ‘New Pakistan’ are unsafe.
Not only Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and even Ahmadi Muslims are being targeted in the Islamic nation.
This week, bodies of two brothers from Hindu bheel community were found hanging in Jhimpir area of Sindh province.
Another body of a Hindu boy, Rishi, was found in Mithi area of Sindh.
Minorities continue to face atrocities in Pakistan for decades now. The girls from minority communities are forcibly converted to Islam and even members of the minority community get persecuted because of draconian blasphemy laws.