Neo Razakars are supporting international conspiracy to weaken Bangladesh

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The neo Razakars have again become active in Bangladesh to weaken Sheikh Hasina led Government. Pakistan and China are instigating the Razakars. While Bangladesh is facing a lot of problem due to Corona virus, these powers  with the help of neo Razakars are carefully spreading the misinformation that India wants to control Bangladesh militarily. The only purpose of these anti Bangladesh and pro Pakistani forces is to dislodge the Hasina government at any cost by instigating the common people.

Sheikh Hasina has been  ruling Bangladesh for 12 years at a stretch and has taken Bangladesh to a new height in economic front and strongly demolished the activities of Islamic radicals. Since India has supported Bangladesh in every front,  the anti Bangladesh forces are extremely unhappy.

When Indian Army along with liberation forces  were fighting the Pakistani Army, the same anti Bangladesh forces were propagating the theory that Indian Army will occupy Bangladesh after the war ends. But this did not happen and Indian Army went back after surrender of Pak Army.

India has never set up any Army camp or base in Bangladesh . Rather, it provided all sorts of assistance to Bangladesh and this policy remained unchanged during the regime of  Congress , BJP or other parties.

When the insurgents of North Eastern India were carrying their activities using Bangladesh as base with the help of Begum Khaleda Zia led BNP Government and ISI, Indian Armed forces did not attack them by crossing the border and waited patiently after requesting the BNP Government to send them back. But Khaleda, influenced byISI,  did not send them back. After the Hasina Government came to power, almost all  the insurgents were handed over to India and the remaining went on hiding.

India is a tested friend of Bangladesh and never objected to assistance of any other countries . China has invsted 38 billion US dollars or Taka 3,22, 296 crores. The Chinese investment in defence sector in Bangladesh is around 72 per cent.  China has invested in second bridge over river Padma, 1320 MW Thermal Power Plant in Patuakhali. Bangladesh is even part of One Belt One Road project of China.But the same China opposed and criticised Liberation War of Bangladesh. But India, ignoring the criticism of China, fought with Pakistan and Bangladesh became an independent natiin. But India did not keep its Army in Bangladesh for long.

Bangladesh signed  a defence agreement with China in 2002 during the BNP regime. India never objected to this agreement and also did not interfare in internal affairs of Bangladesh. India cautioned Bangladesh about presence of Indian Insurgent Groups in their soil but did not cross the border in spite of spart in anti India activities. India also did not take any steps even after the killing of of 16 BSF personnel in Pyrdiah in Meghalaya border. Rather, India sorted this issue through mutual discussion.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was supposed to visit Bangladesh in March 2020 which could not materialize due to Corona pandemic. But the anti India and pro- Pak and Pro China forces spread the information in  Bangladesh that this visit is to strengthen the military contril of India over Bangladesh.

India has signed a defence treaty with Bangladesh in 2016 wherein India has agreed to provide sign of credit worth 500 million dollars. A number of countries including Sri Lanka , Nepal and Bangladesh use the defence infrastructure of India to train their personnel in counter terrorism.  But the ISI sponsored anti India forces in Bangladesh are spreading the news that India wants to take control of Bangladesh militarily. But India’s foreign policy is based on universal brotherhood and not hegemony or control by force.

India had sent its Armed Forces to Sri Lanka , Bhutan and Maldives on the request of the respective governments   to crush the insurgents.  However, on completion of the tasks, the Indian Armed Forces immediately came back. Hence the propanda of anti India forces about India’s military designs in Bangladesh is completely malicious.  India has proved its sincerity of maintaining the friendship with Bangladesh by immediately providing medinies and Kits to Bangladesh to fight Corona Virus. No country will be able to spoil the friendly relations between India and Bangladesh as long as people of Bangladesh understands and acknowledges the role of India in development of Bangladesh.