Kashmir businessman creates unique sanitizer stand

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Srinagar: Making a unique mark in the society with his entrepreneurial skill, a Sriganagar-based businessman has come up with the concept of a sanitizer stand in which one has to use one’s foot to dispense the liquid and the equipment also carries corporate advertisements.

Harris Ahmad created the stand after his previous business was impacted badly by COVID-19 lockdown.

“At the time of COVID-19 pandemic, there was heavy demand for anti-COVID-19 essential products. The entire country was under lockdown. Our corporate advertisement business was affected as markets were closed,” Ahmad told ANI.

He said demand for sanitizer has increased.

“We got good responses from HDFC Bank and Punjab National Banks among others who kept these stands at their branches. While we started with manual sanitizer stands, gradually we decided to manufacture automated sanitiser dispensers. The proto-type of the same is ready. We will begin manufacturing it soon,” said Ahmed.

Talking about manpower, he said, “We did not hire any extra staff for this, but used the same manpower that he had before the pandemic. This helped the staff to earn an income during the pandemic.”