Kabul Maternity Hospital Attacked, 14 Killed

Two newborn babies were among those killed, said the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Interior said that at least 14 civilians were killed, including two newborn babies, and fifteen others were wounded in the clash.
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The attack began with explosions and gunfire near a maternity hospital in the Dasht-e-Barchi area of PD13 in western Kabul on Tuesday morning, said residents, and Afghan security forces, including special forces, responded to the incident. The Ministry of Interior announced the attack was over with all attackers killed after five hours of fighting.

According to the Ministry of Interior, there were four suicide attackers in military uniforms that stormed the hospital and all were killed.

The Ministry of Interior said that at least 14 civilians were killed, including two newborn babies, and fifteen others were wounded in the clash.

The Afghan forces have rescued more than 40 people from the medical clinic in Kabul, said Tariq Arian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.

There is a guest house behind the hospital and foreigners are staying there and the “attackers were trying to get inside the guest house through the hospital,” security sources told TOLOnews.

An eyewitness said the attackers were wearing military uniforms.

TOLOnews correspondent Anisa Shaheed said that foreign troops were also at the scene.

The Taliban denied any involvement in the attack.

National and International reactions to the attack on the hospital:

•    First VP Amrullah Saleh  wrote in his tweeter account: ”The Taliban and former and current allies of the group attacked a hospital in Kabul and a funeral in Nangarhar today, killing “mothers, infants and innocent civilians.” Saleh added that the attacks were a sign of the Taliban’s changed behavior after the peace agreement in Doha.

•    German Ambassador Peter Prugel said he was “outraged and sickened” by attack on the hospital and MSF maternity clinic in Kabul today, “targeting civilians and in part. doctors, health workers, mothers and newborns. The insanity of those behind such an inhuman and despicable act is beyond imagination.”

•    “I strongly condemn today’s attacks in Kabul and Nangahar targeting innocent civilians. My deepest condolences to the families of those killed. I commend the efforts of the ANDSF. NATO stands with the people of Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism”-Deputy SCR Nicholas Dean.

•    US Ambassador Ross Wilson: “I deplore this barbaric attack and condemn the evil terrorists who target those who cannot defend themselves and who are already suffering. Hospitals are centers of compassion with dedicated Afghan and MSF-Afghanistan staff caring for innocent civilians.”

•   Amnesty Intl South Asia: “The unconscionable war crimes in Afghanistan today, targeting a maternity hospital and a funeral, must awaken the world to the horrors civilians continue to face. There must be accountability for these grave crimes, and civilians must be protected.”

•    Human Rights Watch’s associate Asia director Patricia Gossman: “A deliberate attack on a hospital is a war crime. Those paying the price for this heinous act are patients, doctors, nurses, other medical staff, as well as Afghan civilians, including children, put in harm’s way.”