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Pro-active Indian policies for the welfare of the Sikh community has pushed Pakistan’s spy agency ISI to overburden its proxy organizations like Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) to launch smear propaganda against India amongst the Sikh diaspora.
Since decades, Pakistan has been working on a two-point sinister agenda of promoting Khalistani separatism amongst the Sikh diaspora and sponsoring crime and terror in Punjab through cross-border smuggling, fake currency rackets and narcotics nexus.
However, such attempts of the ISI as well as its proxies are proving to be absolute failure, adding to the frustration of Pakistan.
The cynicism of the ISI is mounting every day and it is becoming pessimistic about exploiting the sentiments of Sikh community for furthering its agenda in India.
“The most successful attempt of Pakistan was the drug racket, which has been decaying Punjab and producing huge revenue to further fund terror nexus. However, the awareness in the Sikh community has substantially augmented and the Khalistani forces are increasingly becoming disenchanted towards rallying Pakistani support,” said a senior security officer working with the central security establishment.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been meeting the members of the Sikh diaspora during most of his foreign visits to enhance engagement with the community members.
“Pakistan’s Khalistan project is crumbling and the despondent ISI could further accelerate its efforts to fuel drug addiction in Punjab. However, times have changed and the Sikhs community, in the backdrop of rising atrocities against minorities in Pakistan, has understood that India is the natural home for Sikhs. Hence, Pakistan should realize that old plans are no longer feasible and any such agenda shall be defeated by the people of Punjab,” said a security officer.
On the occasion of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 2019, the Government of India decided to release Sikh prisoners from various jails in the country. Earlier, a delegation of Sikh leaders had met PM Modi during his London visit in 2015 and requested to release Sikh prisoners. The move was lauded by the Sikh community across the world.
Besides, Indian Ministry of Home Affairs removed the names of 312 members of Sikh diaspora, who were banned from entering into the country.