International community at NAM well aware of Pakistan’s propaganda exercise on Kashmir: Sources

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New Delhi: The international community at Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is well aware of the frequent propaganda exercise by Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, and they also know of India’s position on the matter, said sources on Tuesday.

“It is well established, Pakistan propaganda exercise at NAM. The international community is well aware of this, they are also aware of our (India’s) position,” said sources.

NAM Contact Group Summit was convened on Monday to discuss various issues pertaining to COVID-19.

During the summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, without naming Pakistan said while the world is fighting the novel coronavirus ‘some people’ are busy spreading other deadly viruses such as terrorism and fake news.

“Even as the world fights COVID-19, some people are busy spreading other deadly viruses such as terrorism, such as fake news, and doctored videos to divide communities and countries. But today, I want to focus only on the positives,” Modi said.

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev is the current chair of the Movement. This is the first time that PM Modi attended the NAM summit. He has not attended any of the previous summits since becoming Prime Minister in 2014.