Corona terror amongst muslims, Tablighi Jamaat indicted

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Muslims of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are facing trouble as Tablighi Jamaat organised congregations in those countries by violating prohibition by Governments.

Malaysia is also facing the same fate though its Gov passed restrictions on Tablighi congregations. But they violated the orders.

Since muslim society has been affected a lot, muslim intellectuals and religious leaders criticised activities of Tablighi Jamaat.

BD Tablighi Jamaat has agreed to follow instructions of BD government but the Tablighis in Pakistan are not following Pak government’s orders.

When the whole world was facing this Corona pandemic, Tablighi Jamaat had organised a huge congregation on Feb 26 at Sripetling Mosque, Malaysia where large no of BD and Pak nationals participated. Since Malaysian Gov was a silent spectator, the Corona Virus spread rapidly amongst the followers of Tablighi Jamaat.

Mur Hisham Abdullah, the Director General of Malaysian Health ministry admitted that out of 428 affected persons in Malaysia, 243 are those Tablighis.

Even after this, the Tablighis did not learn any lesson and the whole mankind is facing a disaster due to callous and indifferent attitude of the Tablighi Jamaat.

However, the followers of the Tablighi Jamaat has stopped congregations on request of BD prime minister sheikh hasina.

On March 2020, thousands of followers of Tablighi Jamaat including 2000 foreigners attended the cobgregation at Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi despite prohibitary orders from the government.

From Nizamuddin, hundreds of people have been affected with Corona but the Tablighis did not follow the orders.

The tablighis fought and misbehaved with policemen, nurses and doctors who tried to take them in quarantine centres. But Indian Government has arranged good facilities for them in such centres.They are being treated free of cost and the Gov is continuously appealing to other fellow Tablighis who attended the congregation but did not report to quarantine centres.

A returnee from the Jamaat who was being treated in a hospital in Maharashtra, India, has committed suicide after learning that he was tested positive .

Maulana Saad, the Head of the Markaz of Nizamudfin went into hiding and is still using provocative statements to his followers. Majority of the infected people from the muslim community in india are due to the Tablighis.

First corona case was detected in Pakistan on Feb 26 from a muslim who returned to Taftan border in Balochistan from Iran after attending congregations.

Pak Prime minister Imran Khan cautioned the people about corona and asked them for social distancing. In spite of the instructions, more than 250000 people attended a large such congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in Lahore where more than 70000 were foreigners.

Even the common people are not listening to govt advice in Pakistan and they are attending the Friday prayers in mosques in large numbers when Tablighis are encouraging them.

Even the Pak army is allowing these followers and the number of persons affected are growing in Pakistan. The situation has become uncontrollable.

Bangladesh is in a better position now. The BD PM has appealed to all to refrain from visiting mosques or attending community prayers.

The State Minister for Religious Affairs has ordered that not more than 5 and 10 persons should assemble in mosques and on Friday prayers respectively.

Professor Younus Sikder, a Shura member of BD Tablighi Jamaat has consented to abide by the instructions of the BD government.

Hence, programmes of Tablighi Jamaat are almost closed in Bangladesh. Entry in mosques have also been restricted. The Tablighi Ijtema in Tongi, Dhaka, the largest of its kind in the world, has been postponed.
But muslims of Pakistan and India are not properly listening to the govt directives.

The situation in India due to Tablighis are a matter of concern. For example, 29 out of 30 infected persons in Assam have returned from Nizamuddin, Delhi. The muslim infected persons of west bengal have been kept in Haj House, Rajarhat, Kolkata but some instances of muslims attending prayers in mosques in large numbers have been reported.

A number of infected persons who attended the congregation in Nizamuddin have not yet reported to quarantine centres. Hence Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain who is very popular among muslims, have blamed the Tablighis for the infection.

Saudi Arabia has understood the gravity of the situation and has closed Mecca and Medina for prayers. Even Haj has also been postponed. But the followers of Tablighi Jamaat in India and pakistan are not listening to their governments.
Hence, Asad Madani, the Amir of the Jamiat Ulema e Hind in India has termed the tablighis as enemies of India. Even, Badruddin Ajmal, the firebrand muslim leader of AUDF in Assam has severely criticised Tablighi Jamaat. Syed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam of Jama