Chinese universities should produce inquisitive thinkers who are totally loyal to the Communist Party, Xi Jinping says

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China’s universities should aim to train a new generation loyal to the socialist cause and with an inquisitive and innovative mindset, President Xi Jinping said on Monday.

“This year will mark the centenary of the Communist Party … the party and the state’s need for higher education, for knowledge and science and great talent, is greater than at any time before,” he said during a trip to Tsinghua University in Beijing, according to state news agency Xinhua.

He added that the aim of China’s education system is to train the “builders and successors” of socialism.

Xi, an alumni of the university, made the trip as the

Communist Party ramps up its preparations for the celebration of the party’s centenary on July 1.

The anniversary is Beijing’s most important political event this year and Xi has promised a “grand celebration” to mark the occasion. Officials across the country have been told to ensure social stability for the event.

A campaign to study the party’s history is being rolled out among party members as well as the general public. Films and television dramas featuring the party’s history will be aired.
During Monday’s trip, Xi praised Tsinghua for its tradition of training students who were “both red and professional”, a phrase coined during the Mao Zedong era. The university will celebrate its 110th anniversary next Sunday.
– South China Morning Post