China controlling Nepali village Rui Gaun for six decades since its capture

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Kathmandu: Amid growing trouble with India, a media report has emerged which showed how due to gross negligence of the Nepal government, a village in Gorkha in the mid-western part of the Himalayan nation has been under Chinese control for six decades.

Rui Gaun is administered by China which claims it to be part of so-called TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region), media reports said.

Rui Gaun, which falls in Gorkha district, has about 72 households and has been encroached on by China and is under its control, according to a report published in Annapurna Post, a vernacular daily, as quoted by ANI.

Nepal government has included the territory in its map but the administration is not in its hands, reports ANI.

China has also moved the pillars to the Nepali side to validate the encroachment, the report said as quoted by the Indian news agency.

The Land Revenue Office, Gorkha, has a record of revenues that were collected from the inhabitants of Rui Guan village, which clearly show that the encroached territory is Nepali.


“The details of the revenues paid by the inhabitants of the village are still safe in the Land Revenue Office, in File No.1,” said Thakur Khanal, an official at the Land Revenue Office, according to the report as quoted as by ANI.

Nepal has been engaged in a border dispute with India in recent times only to divert attention from China’s move of occupying several areas in the Himalayan nation, media reports said.

The documents available with Zee Media revealed that China has annexed many parts of Nepal, and there is tremendous pressure on Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s government, the reason it picked up a border dispute with India to divert the people’s attention in Nepal.

According to the exclusive documents available with Zee Media, China has occupied about 11 areas adjacent to Nepal, but the Oli government has maintained a silence over it.

The occupation of the Chinese government is being opposed in Nepal’s Rui village while the incumbent government has raised the border row with India, thereby, souring the centuries-old ties between the two neighbours, reported Zee Media.

An official related to Nepal affairs told Zee News that China is investing heavily in Nepal while capturing the areas adjoining Tibet, taking advantage of changes in river water flow in the region.

Sources told Zee Media China has already occupied Rui village adjacent to Tibet for a long time and this is being opposed by the residents of that village.

Nepal, now, has  raised the issue of the border dispute with India to divert attention from Chinese occupation of the village.


The village, which has several Nepali people living in it, is still a part of the Himalayan nation.

Notably, the Nepal government’s new map has claimed some parts of India. The Nepali FM stations have also started propaganda in those areas which are adjacent to India, by airing anti-India sentiments as part of a larger conspiracy, according to security agency reports as quoted by Zee Media.

According to security agencies, China’s Ambassador Hou Yanqi in Kathmandu has played a key role in inciting Nepal against India, reports the media outlet.