Bangladesh Muktijoddha Mancha protests at the Raju Memorial of Dhaka University on the traditional DOPPA Day to protest the persecution of Uyghur Muslims

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Bangladesh Muktijodha Mancha organized a protest rally at Dhaka University’s Raju Memorial Statue on 05.05.21 on the Uyghur’s traditional DOPPA Day. Doppa is a hat that has been worn by Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples.  Doppa is seen as symbol of identity of the people of Uyghurs. Over the past few years Doppa has been banned by the Communist Party of China as they see it as a symbol of Uyghur Muslim identity and resistance against totalitarian Chinese regime. Uyghur, therefore celebrate May 5th as ‘International Doppa Day’ across the world for solidarity and against Chinese repression.

Bangladesh Muktijodha Mancha, a platform of Bangladeshi students and youth propagating Bangladeshi identity took out a procession from Raju Memorial Statute towards the Chinese Embassy, Baridhara. Due to restrictions imposed in the country to contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, however, the march to the Chinese Embassy was restricted and senior representatives of Muktijodha Mancha handed over a petition addressed to Chinese President Xi Jinping to Officials of Dhaka Metropolitan Police for handing over it to Chinese Embassy.  In the petition, the organization demanded Chinese Government to stop persecution of Uyghur Muslim minority, allow Uyghurs to practice their faith, wear their traditional dress including DOPPA, immediately stop reeducation camps in Xinjiang and stop draconian rules by the Chinese authorities.

An impressive photo exhibition was also held by Bangladesh Muktijodha Mancha in Shahbagh highlighting regressive draconian laws imposed by the Chinese in the region.  Colorful photos calling China to stop banning DOPPA caps. boycott Beijing Winter Olympics, double standard by Erdogan and Imran etc. were shown in the exhibition.