Bangladesh among next growth stars: Unilever

Bangladesh will be among the top growth markets for consumer goods giant Unilever over the next few years. said Chief Executive Officer Alan Jope.

He said: “Bangladesh along with Vietnam, Pakistan, and Myanmar will be the top growth markets as a rapidly growing population and an emerging middle class rapidly consume the company’s household good products.”

“The combination of quite a big population, strong GDP growth and rapid consumption in the categories we sell mean that countries like Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and even Ethiopia will be our growth stars over the next few years,” he added.

“These are going to be very important for the future and we are investing heavily,” he further said.

Unilever, which makes household goods ranging from Dove soaps to Knorr packet soups, reported a 5% jump in emerging market sales in its latest reported quarter, compared to a 0.3% rise in its big developed markets.

The company already gets 58% of its sales from emerging markets including China, India and Brazil.