Hajj cost will not increase this year: Abdullah

 State Minister for Religious Affairs Advocate Sheikh Md Abdullah today said the cost of Hajj pilgrims would not increase this year as the government fixed maximum cost for hajj package at Tk 4,18,516.

“Although the Saudi Arabia government has imposed various charges on hajj pilgrims this year …..considering the rise in the charges the total amount of hajj was supposed to be increased, but it has not been increased so far,” he told a press briefing at his ministry office here. He said the government announced the hajj package yesterday while the
maximum cost for hajj (package-1) has been fixed at Tk 4,18,516. “As the Saudi Arabia government has increased the cost of about Tk 25,000,
the package-1 was supposed to be Tk 4,42,910. Considering this amount, hajj expenditures have been declined by Tk 24,410,” he said. The package-2 was Tk 3,31,359 last year while it was fixed at Tk 3,44,000 this year, the state minister said, adding that the Saudi Arabia government increased Tk 12,000 in this package and that is why the comparative cost of the package decreases. “Additional air fare of Tk 20,000 was proposed in the package-2 and the hajj cost was supposed to be fixed at Tk 3,70,000. But, the cabinet fixed it at Tk 3,44,000 this year,” he said. Abdullah said as the Saudi authorities have fixed the same cost for hajj pilgrims of all countries, no country could not be able to minimise the cost. “We also cannot cut the cost. The Saudi Arabia government will take the
additional money, which increases the hajj expenditures,” he added. The cabinet yesterday approved the National Hajj and Umrah Policy 2019 and the Hajj Package, 2019. The government will send hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia under two packages. The total cost of first package has been fixed at Tk 4,18,516, including airfare of Taka 1,28,000, while the cost of the second package will be Tk 3,44,000. Every hajj pilgrim intending to avail train services have to pay additional Taka 24,981, while others have to pay Taka 19,025 as service charges. A total of 1,27,198 pilgrims will perform hajj this year while 1,20,000
will go under private management to perform hajj.