The big Move : G20 in Kashmir Changes the Geo-political alignments Foreve

vnews desk- The G20 is composed by the world larger economy including both the industrialised and developing nations.It accounts for around 80% of GWP, 75% of international trade, 2/3rd of Global population and 60% of world’s area.

Eventhough it has emerged as one of the key forums for global Co-operation.It has often been seen as an event.More than something that achieved your adjustment. World leaders come together and discuss about the important issues the word is facing.Poverty,financial stability, environmental changes, sustainable development in the life.
But the G20 has no enforcement powers and the outcome has often ended and beig freezes.
Like the outcome of 2022 G20 need to precide over by Indonesia War. Recognizing how big deal in Covid 19 imunization was!Retreating the global Sustainable development work,fighting against the climate change.Basically commuting the parasites human,recognizing the digital transformation, reaching the sustainable goals,promising to take immediate actions for food security,committing a rule based Trading order (WTO).
The group also condemn rusia for attacking Ukraine. Without actually condemning russia it wouldn’t succeed.Because not all countries are agreed on it.

While historically, G20 event have not achieved much other than being a platform of general discussion over some of the world’s biggest problems,India might have found a way to useits G20 presidency in 2023 for something tangible.

From 22-24 may 2023,India is hosting a G20 event in Kashmir, in its capital city Srinagar. This event will conclusively shift the region’s Geo-politics.

This announcement of this event Pakistan has been calling and other nations in G20 to boycott this event.
Actually, Three countries of OIC named Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China to boycott this event for Jammu Kashmir war between Pakistan and India.
OIC rapidly critcizes India for Kashmir issue.

But most of the countries of G20 Will join the event.They don’t want to hear China and Pakistan. The support for India is increasing rapidly