Afghans Demand Access to Education and Work for Girls, Women

Afghans have demanded that girls and women be granted access to education and work in the country. This comes amid an ongoing international meeting of the UN in Doha, TOLO News reported.

A UN meeting chaired by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and attended by representatives of more than 20 countries and organizations was held in Doha on Monday.

Some Afghan women criticised the lack of women’s representatives in the meeting. They also argued that participants should make an effort to remove restrictions on women’s work and education in Afghanistan, according to TOLO News.

“The meeting that is set to be held in Doha should discuss the rights, work and political inclusion of women including at universities and schools and also the restrictions that are imposed on women in Afghanistan,” said Jolia Parsa, women’s rights activist.

Other citizens called on the international community to not halt humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan as the country remains in a serious crisis.

“We hope the Islamic Emirate will open the way for an engagement that can provide rights to the people of Afghanistan,” said Abdul Jalil, a resident of Paktia.

“It is necessary that women should also be educated. We need doctors. If the women are deprived of education, we will depend on other countries for our needs in the future,” said Safiullah Momand, a resident of Nangarhar.

“The people are neutral and they are not connected to the government, thus we should be provided with assistance. We have widows and there are blind and disabled people,” said Mohammad Sabir, a resident of Uruzgan, as quoted by TOLO News.

This comes as some Afghans held rallies in various countries including Europe, the US, and neighbouring countries, where they called for an inclusive government and respect for human rights in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban have monopolized the people of Afghanistan, particularly women, which is considered a violation of human rights,” said Mursal Ayar, an Afghan women’s rights activist in Pakistan.

The Taliban, however, said it seeks good economic and diplomatic relations with the world.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to have good relations with all the countries and also good diplomatic and economic relations. They should give a hand to Afghanistan in this regard,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman.

The Doha meeting is set for May 1 and 2. (ANI) latestly