Reasons why a person cheats in a relationship as per zodiac signs


People born under this zodiac sign are quite adventurous by nature and are always up to something new. They hate being bound to routines and are likely to cheat when there is no element of surprise and anticipation left in a relationship.


Taureans are known to be faithful partners and don’t cheat until and unless they feel insecure. They only look for greener pastures when they think their partner no lover loves them and the relationship is not working out despite putting some sincere efforts.


People of this zodiac sign are blessed with a charming nature and great flirting skills. Sometimes, they tend to cross their boundaries while flirting and do not even regret it. They might make elaborate promises to their partner but won’t take a minute to take back their words.


Cancerians are emotional beings and all they want from a relationship is to love and be loved. They make quite loyal partners and only turn infidel when there is no emotional attraction in the relationship.


Leos are attention seekers but can make good partners in the long term. They love appreciation and that’s the key to their happiness. They tend to drift away from the relationship if they feel ignored by their partner and would gladly be with someone else who showers them with compliments, even for no reason.


Virgos are skilled liars and might come up with excuses that their partner may easily believe. There is no specific reason that makes them cheat in a relationship. However, they tend to get emotionally attached with anyone easily and this elusive trait makes it difficult for their partners to get even a slightest hint of their infidelity.


People of this zodiac sign are quite restless by nature and sometimes, do not think pragmatically about a situation. If something bothers them, they tend to run away from the problem rather than finding a solution. Therefore, if they come across a complicated situation in their relationship or find someone else attractive, you never know when would change their priority.


Scorpios are known for their passionate and secretive nature. They might start looking for greener pastures if their sex life turns less exciting and interestingly, they will be honest to their partners if they fall in love with someone else.


Sagittarians are always curious and constantly look for something interesting to do in life. They are likely to cheat if there is no spark left in the relationship or their partner tries to dominate them.​


Capricorns believe in the idea of true love and having a happy family. They cheat on their partner only when they do not feel loved or are convinced that the relationship has no future.​


Aquarians love their ‘me’ time and cannot bear clingy partners. They make quite romantic and caring partners and tend to go astray if they feel suffocated in their relationship. ​


Pisceans love imagining things and live in their Utopian world. They have their own notion of romance and a dreamy love story. Sometimes, they become delusional and tend to cheat if someone makes them weak in their knees with their romantic idea of love.​