Demarcation: EC wants to consider size of electorate, area


The Election Commission (EC) wants to consider the size of the electorate and areas alongside population in the demarcation process of the parliamentary constituencies.

The commission has started drafting a proposed law incorporating such provisions, which will replace the existing Delimitation of Constituencies Ordinance 1976 as it was cancelled following an order of the Supreme Court.

A committee headed by Election Commissioner Kabita Khanam, on Wednesday sat in a meeting over drafting the new bill titled ‘Delimitation of Constituencies Bill 2017’.

According to the draft, the Commission will also consider intactness of administrative unit, its size, administrative convenience and communication system during demarcation of the country’s 300 constituencies.

There is a provision that there shall be at least one constituency in each district and city.

The Commission will also enact a rule under the proposed law, where there is a provision to fix the number of constituencies for city corporations.

The existing section 6 (2) of the Delimitation of Constituencies Ordinance states, “The Constituencies shall be so delimited, having regard to administrative convenience that each constituency is a compact area and in doing so due regard shall be had, as far as practicable, to the distribution of population as given in the latest census report.”

The Election Commission earlier formed the committee to reform electoral laws ahead of the 11th national election.

The committee will place the draft bill before the Election Commission after finalising it.