6m people employed in poultry industry

Around 6 million people are currently employed in the country’s poultry industry directly or indirectly. About 40 per cent of them are women.

The investment in the industry is above Tk 30b while it contributed about 2 per cent in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) president Mashiur Rahman told BSS.

He said about Tk 550b to 600 more will be needed to invest in the sector by 2021. There are about 65,000 to 70,000 poultry farms across the country, Mashiur added.

He said around 8.21b eggs were produced from the poultry farms in 2016 while the number was 7.12b in 2015 and 6.39b in 2014. The demand of eggs will increase to about 1,4.80b by 2021, he said.

The BPICC president said the poultry industry is developing gradually reducing import dependency. A silent revolution has taken place in this sector as the investment is now around Tk 300b while it was Tk 150b only in the 80s.

According to the BPICC sources, the production of chicken was 675,000 tonnes in 2016 while it was 574,000 tonnes in 2016 and 551,000 tonnes in 2014.

Mashiur said, “We are now self-reliant in producing eggs and broiler chickens. We have seven grandparent stock farms and around 80 small parent stock farms across the country.”

Besides, he said, there are around 186 feed mills in the country. Of them, 70 feed mills are modern and registered.

Director general of Department of Livestock Services Ainul Haque told BSS that the poultry industry is now in a strong position as the present government is very cordial about the sector.

The industry is playing a vital role in reducing unemployment as well as creating self-employment opportunity, he added.

Country’s different banks are now giving loans on easy terms, he said, adding the government is also giving many facilities to import necessary poultry equipments.

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